Space is an intriguing subject for everyone. It carries so much mystery about our origin. Many attempts have been made to study it and Chandrayaan 3 is one such attempt by India. It will be India’s 3rd Attempt towards moon. All Indians will be eyeing for its success and hence it is much hyped and appreciated effort by Indian Space research Organization (ISRO)

Chandrayaan 3 is scheduled to lunch to the moon on 14 July 2023 at 2:35 pm(IST) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR in Sriharikota, India. It is organized by ISRO which was established in the year 1969. It is the 3rd lunar exploration by ISRO

The predecessor of Chandrayaan 3 was Chandrayaan 2. It was a partially failed mission. Chadrayaan 2 was launched in the year 2019. At the time of landing due to some software glitch, it could not make a soft landing. The lander called Vikram and the rover called Pragyaan crushed on the Lunar surface. As a result, another follow-up mission was called and thus Chandrayaan 3 came into the picture.

Chandrayaan 3 consists of 3 main components.

Propulsion module of Chandrayaan 3

It will carry the rover and the lander to a 100 km lunar orbit. It looks like a box. It will also carry a payload called SHAPE (Spectro polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth) which is meant to study the Earth from the lunar orbit.

Lander of Chandrayaan 3

Lander will help the rover to land softly on the lunar surface. It will carry the rover and other scientific instruments. It will also have a payload called RAMBHA-LP which will measure the plasma ion and electron density and its changes. Lander is also box-like in shape.

Rover of Chandrayaan 3

The rectangular rover will come out of the lander and travel across the lunar surface. It will collect the samples and examine the geological and chemical composition. Rover has a mission life of 1 lunar day which is equal to 15 earth days.

Importance of South pole of The Moon

 South pole of The Moon
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It is important to know the reason behind exploring the south pole. We all know about craters on the moon’s surface. These craters are formed 4 billion years ago and the creation of these craters is still a mystery. These craters are shadowed and devoid of sunlight. It is formed on the south pole of the moon and is believed to have hydrogen, water, ice, and even primordial materials. Exploring and finding out about these things can help improve our understanding of our cosmos.

Do we really need Space exploration?

People may find it difficult to understand why these things are important when there are a lot of things a country may focus on, the readily available things. Why does a developing country like India invest so much money in this difficult endeavor? The fact is this knowledge in this field is also important for the nation and its citizen. Space technologies are very much needed in different domains such as weather forecast, defense, communication, etc. The more knowledge one country has in this field the higher position it may carry in the international community. It helps the country stand as a leader and hence get leverage in international negotiation. It also helps a country to enhance its technology base and thus help to improve the lifestyle of citizens. 


If it goes as planned India will be the 4th country in this space exploration experiment. 1st three positions holders are the United States of America, the soviet union, and China respectively. It will be a huge accomplishment for India and Indian citizen to have been successfully conducted an operation on Lunar surface.